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Awards Season

E Entertainment Oct.2011

.Propuesta 1

We take the pictures from the Hollywood stars and bring them to life in a very subtle way. A photographic look, with out-of-focus elements will reinforce the soft camera movement. In order to achieve this wide field depth, we will include and recreate glamorous cities in the background. The type will have a neon light effect, and will be accompanied by particles, camera flashes and light beams in different planes, to emphasize the depth sensation.

E Entertainment - propuesta 1 - 1
E Entertainment - propuesta 1 - 2
E Entertainment - propuesta 1 - 3

.Propuesta 2

The Kaleidoscope effect will be used to compose complex takes, with depth. We will move from one scene to the other with elements that appear close to the spectator's view. The movements will be fast and agile, taking us through different shots of varied elements. Each take will take the viewer by surprise, because of it's unusual and attractive structure.

E Entertainment - propuesta 2 - 1

.Propuesta 3

With a fast paced movement, we venture into an abstract world, where the variety of colors and elements that appear on each shot will take us by surprise. The camera will fly through, catching glimpses of the stars inside this full of color narration. The fluids will add dynamics to the scene and guide us in this glamorous universe.

E Entertainment - propuesta 3 - 1
E Entertainment - propuesta 3 - 2
E Entertainment - propuesta 3 - 3
E Entertainment - propuesta 3 - 4