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Tango360 in La Noche de los Museos

.November 08.2013

'Tango 360, Buenos Aires and love as never seen' 

At the Buenos Aires Museum Night. A work of high technical quality, designed to be displayed on scenarios 'full dome', and with the City and the music of Astor Piazzolla as protagonists.

Free this Saturday 9 November in the Buenos Aires Museum Night.

Or in your schedule
Tuesday to Friday 17 pm
Saturday and Sunday 19.30

Planetarium of the Buenos Aires City, Galileo Galilei



La Ciudad de Buenos Aires llega a Annecy, Francia para el MIFA 2012 y CampMeiaStudio esta presente

.June 07.2012

Annecy, Francia para el MIFA 2012 - La cita anual más importante del cine de animación, comenzó este lunes 4 de Junio.

El festival de Annecy cuenta con 231 films prorgramados. Argentina estará presente en esta edición con 2 películas fuera de competencia Ánima Buenos Aires y Selkirk, el verdadero Robinson Crusoe, mientras que Metegol, el film de Juan José Campanella a estrenarse en 2013 y recientemente adquirido por Universal para su distribución internacional, será uno de los cinco Work in Progress.

En paralelo se realiza el mercado del festival, MIFA 2012, entre el 6 y el 8 de junio, que este año contará con más de 2300 profesionales provenientes de 70 países.

El Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires dice presente por 3º año consecutivo, en una acción sostenida con el objetivo de posicionar internacionalmente a la industria local.

Este año, seis productoras y prestadores de servicios de animación han sido seleccionados para formar parte de la comitiva del Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires que, a través de la Dirección General de Industrias Creativas del Ministerio de Desarrollo Económico,  otorgó a cada uno 10 mil pesos como incentivo para estar presentes en el mercado.

Los ganadores del incentivo que representan al sector de animación de la Ciudad son: Nuts Studios, El Perro en la Luna, Astrolab Motion, Hook Up Animation, Can Can Club y CampMeia Studio y viajan en comitiva junto al Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, en búsqueda de lazos comerciales estratégicos.

MIFA es el mercado de animación más reconocido a nivel mundial. Punto clave para posicionar empresas, trazar redes y contactos con profesionales del audiovisual. Asimismo, es el lugar ideal para buscar futuros socios de coproducción, potenciar ventas y distribución, ampliar los horizontes más allá del audiovisual hacia las nuevas plataformas de desarrollo de videojuegos, aplicaciones para móviles, internet y medios digitales, conocer los talentos emergentes, las últimas noticias y tendencias del sector.



The Great Audiovisual Night

.March 18.2012

In the place El Dorrego of Buenos Aires, the Audiovisual Night with samples, interventions, open discussion and activities related to film, television, advertising and animation.

An unmissable night. Continuous samples. A set of live filming, dubbing, stop motion, traditional animation, costumes, makeup. All working in vivo. All in one great place and really well prepared.
Excellent the workshop, mainly Edi Flehner (Director of Rancho aside). There were 25 places that eventually expanded to 40. He did not want more people. He wanted privacy and reflection. He made us work on 'thinking among ...'. The important thing about teamwork. And that individual limitations are complemented by a good group work and open. To think.
At midnight the film 'Waiting for the hearse.' Incredible. I just coming out of the workshop with Edi Flehner. And after 2 hours of a important mental work

Really a luxury.


Friday Video Games and Art.

.November 18.2011

We reserved the full day and we walked around ArtFutura2011 and EVA11, two highly expected events.

Bounded but very good. It usually happens to go to some events and that they are very long, heavy and do not tell us anything. This was not the case. We walked all around, and we interacted with almost all the exhibitors. It really caught my attention the quality of the expositors. Contrary to our expectations, we realised that they do not had only done the informatics development, but they had also designed it.
We talked with Willdoom, Games & Web, QB9, INFINITE SOFT, Digital Solutions, CMD and Yuisy they are all excellent. We are grateful for the way they showed their work.

ArtFutura 2011
We took some time to go to see the people from Boolab. They were born in Barcelona. They conceived themselves as a experimental and vanguard research laboratory. Very interesting was the way that they used the 2 hours of their exhibit. They showed us a lot of their own stuff and during the hole presentation they were always trying to find the technical side used. Traditional Graphic, Stop motion, 2D, 3D, rotoscoping, Interactivity. Excellent.
Final summary of the day. Flawless, entertaining and enriching. To recommend and repeat.


A day in Tecnopolis

.October 28.2011

We arrived at Tecnopolis, an exhibition filled with Fuerza Bruta ,Antartic Ice, Mapping, 3D stereograph, holography and robotics all in one great place. 

It rained the day before, so we made sure to check the event website to make sure all was good. When we got to the door we were told “It’s all muddy boys, its closed”. At the time we didn’t understand “What’s wrong with a little mud?”
The next week we returned. The event space was huge, comparable to a Disney park. It would be impossible to cover in one day and although concrete is the majority, the rain and mud would definitely make it impossible to enjoy.
Our recommendation is to go on a weekday (keep in mind it is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays). For those who can’t, Saturday and Sunday may be more accessible. The attractions are one thing, but the structure of Fuerza Bruta is an inflatable dome. In addition, they are setting up a wall of fire and a flight simulator. If you go in the week, make sure to check out the games and robotic soccer, especially the PlayStation games like rock band.
Please note Tecnopolis is closed on November 27th and 28th…don’t miss it!


CampMeiaStudio in the Promax BDA

.October 20.2011

Look at the Promax BDA with an unofficial camera 

We show the Promax from within. We were the unofficial camera of many of our friends so here is a resume.
VERY IMPORTANT. Congratulations to all our friends who won. TyCSports with 1 gold and 2 silver, amazing. We are very proud. We could not this time, but we promise that we will continue working towards next year. They will not so easily rid of us. We have EL AGUANTE


Trimarchi, the Marplatense classic of all ages

.September 30.2011

We traveled to Mar del Plata, Argentina to the Trimarchi Convention. Here some photos and our experience.

We arrive. From what I understand there were much more people in attendance this year versus last year. I think I know why… Carson and all that means for the design made the difference. The days were impeccable. In particular, I liked Dr. Alderete. Make sure to check out this link - Overall, Trimarchi satisfied my expectations and I will go back next year.


CampMeiaStudio in the Google Developer Day 2011

.September 19.2011

CampMeiaStudio present at the Google Developer Day

As expected, Google had an amazing event filled with developers. All the latest in Android, Chrome, HTML5, Cloud at hand. We attended presentations on High Performance Graphics, Google TV, Youtube live amongst others. Too bad we did not win the Android lego...


Promax BDA Finalists

.September 08.2011

Yes, we are finalists for the Promax BDA Latin America with the EL AGUANTE from TyC Sports

We do not know how to express our happiness for being nominated as finalists in the category “Packaging On Air Program” for  the 2011 PromaxBDA Latin America Awards. Congratulations also to our co-category, Sony Entertainment, MTV, CosmopolitanTV Spain and Telecine.

We would have liked to compete with our spoiled soon, such as American Cup Argentina 2011, Hay Equipo y Futbol Guaraní are, but ...we promise to be another year.

To Ana and Carla, our super-designers, a big kiss. And as always, super grateful to our friends TyCSports, Gonzalo Gomez (Head of Center for Electronic Art and Promotions), Martín Ferdkin and Javier Gori(artistic supervisor). The trust we have is a constant encouragement in our daily work. Thank you all.

Cross your fingers and Wish us luck.


Crea Foundation Dinner for Young Entrepreneurs

.June 24.2011

Lovely dinner was organized by the Crea Foundation and shared by young entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires City.

On Tuesday, July 7 the Spain Crea Foundation, hosted a wonderful dinner at Rioja Restaurant in Buenos Aires. The main reason was to reunite with the Young Entrepreneurs that had been selected in 2010 for the Fellowship Spain Crea Enterprise. In it, the Embassy of Spain through the Crea Enterprise Foundation, trained, assisted and advised a group of  the implantation of entrepreneurial projects.
Amazing stories accompanied the Galician omelette, all in a fun climate and friendship in which information was exchanged. Special thanks to Javier Collado, José María Parraga from the Foundation and Veronica Torres who managed all in Argentina.
And for the rest, thank you for this pleasant moment shared.

Y para el resto, gracias por este grato momento compartido.


Visiting New York friend Designers

.May 05.2011

On our trip to the United States, we visited our dear friends in Manhattan, Mario and Jennifer. Take a look at some of Mario’s art at

Mario and Jennifer are friends who met at the Trimarchi DG conference which was held in Mar del Plata. They, native from the Big Apple, are the founders of Design Studio Hugo and Marie ( We really were very impressed with his art and the way in which they conducted the presentation, but as you well know, in an event of this magnitude it is very difficult to show our admiration. But ... like all the turns that have life, Pablo met them at the opening of a friend Buenos Aires bar. And obviously, taking advantage of the moment and in a long bar conversation, the friendship was born.
I met them in the typical New York office with high ceilings. I ask myself 'Am I in a movie?'. Dear friends, I really congratulate them not only for their jobs, but for his people and the good vibes of the place. Below you’ll find a few pictures of the great place that is Manhattan.

Greetings from Argentina.


Our friend and designer Ana traveling the world.

.May 04.2011

Our dearest Ana, an excellent designer and adventurer from birth is traveling around the world. Accompany her by visiting

We want to mention a dream of many and the reality of a few. Our good friend Ana, with her long term boyfriend, Sergio began the great adventure impossible to forget. A journey with a beginning but no end known beyond that marks the horizon. We took some fragments from their blog so that you can share in their adventures. We also hope you like the photos.

'We're Ser and Ani from Castelar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. We live in the same neighborhood from our childhood to the adolescence, frequenting the same places, the same bars and streets, but we met almost 30 years later, a very unusual way.
Our way crossed in 2007 and since then we’ve been together.
Who writer, graphic designer by profession, binder rookie, lover of any artistic expression and inborn traveler ... '

'We travel the world because we feel know our home. And travel is the best way to open our eyes and find out more…
This is our first blog, inexperienced, improvised ... we hope to reflect in our best way. We do not have a marked route or a schedule organized, the goal will be to discover traveling ... Every place that we receive, every family, every town or city will be a classroom, where we sit, watch, learn and listen ... '

And from CampMeiaStudio, we wish you many, many turns around the world.