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CampMeiaStudio is a design and animation studio founded and lead by twins Pablo and Diego Agromayor. We are located in the downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina, but we’re a virtual concept without limits. Our studio is supported by technology, market globalization and a big network of contacts, which are present worldwide.
Our biggest goal as a company is to blend the coexistence of methodology and art, without losing the essence of the creative process. We believe that this order gives us the bonus to get the right balance between creativity and respect for market times, thus allowing us to live effectively with a variety of projects and businesses.
The dissimilarity of our roles and experience allows us to influence each other, merging into completely different innovative ideas, supported in the potential of new technologies that converge in a new generation of original models, both unique and exclusive. Our area of research and technology allows us to stay ahead being pioneers in the exploration of any new concept.

Welcome to CampMeiaStudio, a dream conceived from the source of life.



Diego Agromayor

Systems Engineer – National Technology University - UTN

Born on October 21 1975, Diego is best described as structured, innovative, and studious. With a strong base in technology and development, he has an abundance of experience leading professionals in various companies: Compaq, HP, Perez Companc, Petrobras,  Hospital Austral, Lightech, Edenor and his last stop at Tucci as an IT Manager. While finishing his thesis for his Masters of Data Mining, Diego teaches courses such as Personnel Administration and Human Resource Management at the National Technology University. 

Pablo M. Agromayor

Image and Sound Designer – Buenos Aires University – Architecture, Urbanism and Design Faculty

Born on October 21 1975, Pablo has 2 daughters, Candela and Costanza with his wife Julia. Pablo is meticulous, obsessive and a perfectionist with solid experience in motion graphics. He first gained experience at the TV channel, TyC Sports and enhanced their art and design through the Steind branding Design Studio. He has stewarded projects in the U.S, Spain and Nigeria to name a few. His vast background in places as dissimilar, but complementary allowed him to approach different roles and enhance his profile. Pablo’s portfolio includes companies such as Coca Cola, Fanta, TyCSports, Fox and National Geographic.


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Diego Agromayor

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